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    During these difficult and uncertain times, many businesses are struggling, but none more than offline businesses. There are many unknown factors but one thing is certain; being offline is no longer an option.

    Terry Locke - VKweb

    “Being online is no longer a matter preference, but a matter of survival.”

    – Terry Locke

    Why ignite your business now?

    Quickstart 1 v3

    Continue to operate

    COVID has had a devastating impact on small and medium sized businesses. Go online and continue to conduct your business.


    Missed opportunity

    Your target audience, no matter in what industry, is undeniably adapting to new online way of life. Misusing this time is a major opportunity missed.


    Timing is essential

    The time to strengthen your brand has never been greater. Whether you are looking to begin or relaunch, your competition is using this time. Are you?


    Result oriented

    Still, our key metric and driving factor is and must remain results! The result must achieve an increase in conversion and sales.

    How much and how do I get results?

    Template Landing Page + Ad set-up


    HTML landing page

    Customized one page template

    Photo selection

    SEO not included

    Google Ad campaign set-up

    Turn around time: 7 days

    Result: HTML landing page (no admin panel), customized advertising

    Custom Landing Page + Ad set-up


    Unique branded design

    WordPress landing page (1 page)

    Content Suggestions

    Layout Design

    Ability to update content easily

    SEO not included

    Google Ad campaign set-up

    Turn around time: 11 days

    Result: Landing page CMS, customized advertising

    Template 5 page site + Ad set-up


    HTML website page (upto 5 pages)

    Customized template

    Content Suggestions

    Photo selection

    No e-commerce

    Contact form

    Google Ad campaign set-up

    Turn around time: 14 days

    Result: HTML website (no admin panel), customized advertising

    10 page catalog site + Ad set-up


    Wordpress catalog site (up to 10 pages)

    Customized template

    Catalog section (up to 15 products)

    No e-commerce

    Contact form

    Ability to update content easily

    Google Ad campaign set-up

    Turn around time: 16 days

    Result: Ready-made CMS website, customized advertising

    Online e-store + Ad set-up


    Best WordPress online template

    Customize template

    SEO optimization

    Up to 25 products


    Contact form

    Google Ad campaign set-up

    Ability to update content easily

    Duration: 18 days

    Result: Online CMS store, customized advertising


    Please note: The adverting budget and is NOT part of the price indicated. You would be responsible for the allotted budget as well as maintenance of the advertising campaign.
    * We also suggest a comprehensive and full in-depth analysis site one month after your campaign. Implementing A/B split testing to confirm your best ROI is also best practice.

    See what results await

    Enercorp.com saw 193% organic traffic & tripled their sales!

    Harris Personal Law saw 219% more traffic

    Houston DS saw a massive increase in their bookings

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