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Impressive 3D animated business videos from $1999

  • 2 scenarios to choose from
  • Turnaround time as early as 9 days
  • Custom specialists designed for your project

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Discover the benefits of using 3D animation for your business

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3D animation resembles real life, your audience will have the impression of practically interacting with your presentation, your product or your service. As a result, you will achieve strong brand loyalty.

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Endless opportunities

3D computer graphic opens up additional possibilities and allows you to show the viewer what is impossible to with film. There are no restrictions. This allows you to demonstrate product features from different angles, you can cover many features of your product simultaneously.

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Global trend

Studies suggest that videos created in 3D animation format are ideal for overtaking competitors and capturing customer attention to your brand for a long period of time.

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Moderate price

3D graphics allow you to save without compromising realism. Although the average price of creating 3D animations is higher than that of animation on a flat screen, it will cost you much less than a complex film with actors, while the viewer will not always be in able to distinguish high quality graphics from ordinary film.

Choose your 3D animation video

Elite Package

20 seconds from $1,599

  • 2 scenarios to choose from
  • High-end animation
  • No character limit
  • Background music
  • Sound effects
  • Professional voice over
  • 4K Video

Classic Package

20 seconds from $1,099

  • 2 scenarios to choose from
  • Standard animation/detail
  • Up to 5 character limit
  • Background music
  • Sound effects
  • Professional voice over
  • HD Video

Basic Package

20 seconds from $799

  • 2 scenarios to choose from
  • Basic/Minimal detail
  • Up to 2 character limit
  • Background music
  • Sound effects
  • HD Video

* The prices are an estimate. Contact us for a cost evaluation of your project. The cost depends on several factors:

– subject matter and duration;
– complexity and formats required;

– complexity of the implementation;
– number of characters and level of details;
– additional effects and other factors.

Discover the process of creating a 3D animation

Complete the Brief

Gather relevant information about your project, define your goals, outcome, discuss best practices and more.

Create Your Script

Our team will draft 2 scripts for you to select from. Adjustments are made until you are completely satisfied.

Character Dev

Develop your cast using the script and brand identity. Adjustments can be made until you are satisfied.


Based on the script, we create your custom storyboard derived from your corporate identity, vision and goals.

Animate & Delivery

At last, using the script, the character and storyboard we animate, include any details, add background music and sound effects.

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