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Website Case Studies: Our Clients and Partners

Range from different industries, objectives and goals.
But, with one thing in common; RESULTS

Case Studies

This re-optimized site saw 219% more traffic

Harris Personal Law., Inc.

A full brand redesign transformed the online presence.

Enercorp.com saw 193% organic traffic & tripled their sales!

Enercorp Instruments ltd

Website & SEO turned this Canadian manufacturer into a big-time player

Our CTA’s achieved an additional 21 orders/week

Aina Corp.

Focused on user experience and customization, Aina has seen incredible results

Adding key functions saw a 200% booking increase

Houston Dance Studio

Understanding client needs and rectifying them yielded a dramatic increased booking online

A bold and strong brand increased calls

Chudleigh Law

A professional redesign can make all the difference with client perception.

Our optimization reduced page speed and increased traffic by 60%

Premium Life

Optimizing this website saw dramatic results with conversion and increased traffic.

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