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Case study: promotion of the independent hotel Dona Teresa

Improvement of the occupancy rate in low season thanks to a strategy
integrated digital marketing and website redesign:

The customer

Independent hotel Dona Teresa

Hotel & Resort

An independent hotel in the south of Spain, in a popular location, is experiencing significant difficulties due to seasonal fluctuations. Despite high occupancy rates in high season, the hotel experiences a significant decline in low season, which seriously affects its revenue and profitability.

The challenge

Seasonal Fluctuations

Marketing assessment and competitive study —

Audit summary


As part of our project to improve the hotel’s online presence and marketing performance, we implemented a series of strategic solutions. These solutions are designed to address several key areas, ranging from website SEO to customer relationship management.

Development of an optimized website for SEO

Digital Marketing Strategies

In this “Digital Marketing Strategies” section, we detail the targeted online tactics we employed to maximize hotel brand visibility and engagement. From targeted advertising to influencer collaborations, each initiative is designed to deliver measurable ROI.

Online presence management

In the “Online Presence Management” section, we discuss the strategies and actions deployed to consolidate and improve the hotel’s visibility and reputation on digital platforms. From managing social media to responding to online reviews, we highlight efforts to build a positive, interactive brand.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

In the “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System” section, we explore the tools and strategies put in place to optimize customer interaction. From personalized interaction tracking to data-driven analytics, this section highlights steps taken to improve customer satisfaction and maximize loyalty.

Doña Teresa-invitados

Results :

The numbers speak for themselves:

These results validate the effectiveness of our strategies and serve as proof that our efforts have led to tangible improvements in occupancy, revenue and customer engagement.

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