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Case study: development of the AgenceMarketing.fr website

The digital transformation of a marketing and web development agency:

The customer

Marketing Agency

Marketing agency specializing in the development and promotion of e-commerce projects.

AgenceMarketing.fr is a website specializing in providing marketing services focused on e-commerce. The site’s main goal is to help e-commerce business owners and marketing professionals increase their online store visibility, generate quality leads, and increase revenue.

The challenge

Project keys:

Project stages:

Design, Optimization and Conversion

Today’s digital age demands a well-thought-out and strategically effective online presence. Whether creating a website or launching online advertising campaigns, each step requires special attention to ensure optimal return on investment (ROI).

Development of an optimized website for SEO

Project stages:

Implementation of online advertising strategy

After successfully creating an SEO optimized website for the client, the next crucial step is to attract a target audience ready to purchase the client’s services. To this end, a contextual and targeted advertising campaign is deployed, enriched by remarketing strategies, to engage users most likely to convert.

Results and evaluation:

After 45 days of website launch, we have seen significant results that demonstrate the success of our overall approach to digital marketing. Not only did the site manage to attract a considerable number of visitors, but it also led to 26 highly qualified conversions.

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