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Web design created for high conversion

Packages include:

  • Optimization for search engines
  • Tailored and professional design of your brand
  • Comprehensive strategy that includes tech specs
  • Consultations with your dedicated marketing manager

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    How our web design services could help increase your sales

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    Boost sales & your conversion

    Dynamic marketing techniques can attract and retain customers, improve sales, revenue and customer loyalty.

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    Improve site engagement

    Reduce “bounce rate”, increase session time and depth of navigation are only a number of things we tackle.

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    Enhance your image & brand

    Strengthen your brand and client perception through relevance targeted content and compelling crafted design.

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    Increase traffic with SEO

    Optimizating your site it critical for better visibility, page speed and overall results.

    What type of website is best for your business?

    «Landing Page»

    A well design landing page can quickly attract customers. If your budget is limited or you do not have time to create a complex site, a one-page optimized home page allows you better visibility on search engines (via contextual or targeted ads) and can allow you to receive orders immediately.


    A directory is a website or media listing of information, all businesses within a group. It is an online version of the yellow page. A business directory helps users search for companies, services or products in their area in a more targeted way.


    Brochure websites are a simplified form of business websites. For businesses that know they need an online presence, but don’t want to invest a lot of resources, a simple brochure site that includes just a few pages that lay out the basics of what you do and provide contact information may be enough for you.

    «Business Site»

    Own a business? Then having a website is critical to your success.
    It is estimated that 72% of consumers look up a business online before the decide to make their purchase. However only 42% of businesses actually have a site. Stop losing critical business to your competition that does have a website.


    An eCommerce website is a website people can directly buy products from. Our eCommerce sites not only include the site creation but a marketing strategy, designer, SEO specialist and much more. All for the final goal of getting you more traffic and sales.

    * The prices in the table are starting prices. Contact us for a precise evaluation of your needs, turnaround and cost of your project.
    Price depends on several factors: number of requests your semantic core, planned functionality, need for adaptive design and layout, complexity of the project, number of services to ensure integration with the site and more.

    How is your project organized?

    Your site will be managed by a number of specialists including a web analyst, an interface development specialist, a programmer, a UX expert, UX / UI designer, a SEO expert, a content strategist, a proofreader, a copyrighter & a web developer.

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    Discovery & Research
    Understanding your business is absolutely essential to developing a comprehensive strategy based on your goals. This requires several meetings, independent and competition research. This critical stage is what will set your project apart.

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    Map Your Prospects
    Through understanding your current and potential audience, we identify your advantages as well as resolve difficulties that you may have been encountering during your sales cycle.

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    Site & Wireframe Creation
    Based on the information gathered thus far, a wireframe is created showing the website structure (sitemap). Once the wireframe is approved, we create a wireframe of each page.

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    Page Layout & Design
    During this phase our designer will creates your uniquely attractive, website whilst keeping your brand identity and your audiences desires in mind. Alluring design is essential as it constitutes 40% of the site’s success!

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    Project Delivery
    Your project is delivered on the server of your choice. Technical support available for 30 days with longer options. VKweb does offer hosting and ongoing maintenance services.

    QA & Testing
    This stage we test all functions and links to ensure quality and overloads (number of visitors and actions). We also ensure the code is cross-browser compatible as that is an important factor.

    Coding and SEO
    This stage is where the site comes to life. Any integration with other functions (CMS, accounting, payment) would be added here as well the critical step of optimizing your pages and overall site to rank on Google.

    VKweb advantages

    A comprehensible solution

    We take an in-depth approach to solving the issue of attracting clients. We do not offer a cookie-cutter template or 48 hour turnaround time. We offer a meaningful approach that produces results.

    Astounding web design

    Our design team aims to embody your brand image with unique high quality layout. Each element encourages your prospect to continue browsing and take action.

    SEO Optimized: Designed to rank on Google

    Having a well designed site is only part of the equation. High traffic and visibility is essential to your success! All our sites include SEO optimization.

    Relevant website content

    Appropriate texts attract and retain your target. Your website will be complete with original texts, optimized images and meta-tags corresponding to the semantic core of your domain. This will guarantee its long-term referencing and therefore the highest ROI.

    See what you can achieve

    Louis Carr

    An increase of 14x with social media

    Thanks to the content strategy implemented to our campaign we immediately noticed an increase in conversion.

    Euro Jewlery

    Order conversions jumped to 5.2% with an avg sale of 70 euros.

    We received 172 orders in two months.

    CH Robinson

    Reduced customer acquisition cost by 4x with an increase of conversions by 2.2%

    All thanks to the landing page audit, target analysis, advertising and retargeting.


    Custom e-commerce site gave them an edge

    Sales continued despite a pandemic!

    Harris Personal Law

    Redesign transformed their online

    Benefitted with more than 219% more traffic

    Houston DS

    Booking were at their all-time low

    Revamping key functions saw an incredible 200% booking jump.

    Repeat our clients success!

    Our clients' testimonials!

    Oleg Vaganov, Fastroil

    We needed to explain complex ideas and thanks to VKWeb, our three series 3D animation videos came out great. The clips were modern, clean with special effects and an attractive voiceover. We are really satisfied with the final product and have used these videos many times already.

    Matilde Cortez, Mad Chef (Kitchen&bar)

    It is not the first time that we worked with VK Web. So when it was time to redesign our website, it was a no brainer. These guys are true professionals in their field. Quality and strategical purpose is evident in every step they take. Thank you for your work! We’ll contact you with our next campaign.

    Amy Cario, Head of Education Services

    To launch our program, we decided to do a “whiteboard” animation with VK Web. The video was developed not only with the animation team, but also with the agency’s marketing specialists. Before creating the script, they carefully studied our market and target audience. The result was a video not only interesting, easy and understandable, but also a high watch time. We used our video to advertise on social media networks, and attracted dozens of customers with whom we still work today. Thanks to VKweb’s marketing approach, we have doubled our customer base, loyalty and increase sales.